Other Products

Cathedral Press has matured and adapted with technology and advancements in the printing industry. We are a long way away from our origins of one-color bulletins containing a single photo; today we provide a range of not only printed materials, but also assorted products to assist in your ministry. From four-color, customizable weekly bulletins to stationery sets, from offering envelopes and plates to church furniture, from graduation materials to wedding invitations; Cathedral Press is able to deliver a complete package of products.


Printed Materials


Congregation Service Accessories

The people who staff our office, the quality of our product, and our commitment to service make us unique. Cathedral Press allows its customers to begin their weekly subscription service at any time. We accept and permit changes to orders whenever necessary, provided the order for that quarter has not been processed. Many times orders that require minimum processing, placed at the beginning of the day, are shipped that afternoon.



At Cathedral Press we make every attempt to offer and provide the products necessary for your weekly ministry services. Please contact us for further information, pricing and delivery options.